The flowers in your wedding bouquet is more than just an ornamental beauty as they are equally symbolic and actually carry a message. Flowers have always been incredibly popular and historically many symbolic meanings are attached to the different flowers. To use an example, when you want to signify marital happiness you will have stephanotis in your bouquet and when you are a lover of nature, you will have magnolias.

This is therefore an arduous process to choose wedding flowers especially when you want to symbolize and speak an ultra-romantic language of love with the use of flowers. Throughout the centuries brides used flowers based on various traditional meanings and although most brides do not consider it anymore, it is nevertheless fun when you want to create deep symbolism and meaning to your wedding day.

Looking at our latest royal wedding between Prince William and his princess Kate Middleton, look at what her bouquet consisted off. She had myrtle, which is a symbol of marriage and love, ivy, which signifies fidelity, affection and friendship, sweet Williams that symbolizes gallantry, which she aimed at her groom, lily-of-the-valley, which is trustworthiness and hyacinth, which is playful and constancy of love.

It is more than just historic symbolism that portrays a message, but the colors of the flowers as well. Take red for example, which equates beauty and passion, and visualize amaryllis, anemones, and roses. When using orange flowers it resonates energy, eagerness happiness and suggest that you have confidence in your husband and your marriage and future together.

Yellow flowers signifies friendship and joy and some great choices are tulips, freesias, sunflowers and daffodils, while green portrays, positive energy, balance and harmony and serenity. Using blue flowers in your wedding bouquet suggest you expect calmness together where two people bond and be themselves with great flower choices being delphiniums, iris, forget-me-nots, and hydrangeas. Purple on the other hand is associated with dignity, sophistication, and luxury and favorites here are orchids, lilacs, hyacinths, and lavender.