When you come before the decision to choose flowers for different occasions, it could be a daunting experience and quite challenging. A question many face when selecting flowers are not only which color, but also what kind of flowers. There are so many factors to consider when you want to portray the right message. When you know the connotations of flowers and their symbolisms, it is often so much easier.

Anniversary flowers – red or pink roses are always great as they represent passion and love and yellow is a color you want to avoid for anniversaries as they represent friendship. Other great choices are daffodils, lilies, iris, and asters.

Dating flowers – dandelions, tulips and orchids are welcoming dating flowers, as they are not overwhelming especially during those first few dates.

Funeral flowers – formal arrangements in the form of roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums are most common, but here color also plays a big role. Green, white and blue are comforting and suggests calmness, humility, and peace while red and orange invoke passion and energy and is more suitable for celebration of life instead of mourning.

Get-well soon flowers – for the sick especially in hospitals you get less fragrant flowers and houseplants are often the better recommendation, however a great choice is tulips if you want flowers or marigolds.

Christmas flowers – amaryllis, red poinsettia, and paperwhites are three commonly given flowers over the festive season.

Mother’s day flowers – it is difficult to go wrong with mother’s day flowers as flowers are a great touch, but pink carnations, red carnations or gerbera daisies are perfect.

Thank you flowers – if you do not know the persons favorite color or type of flower rather opt for daisies, lilies, and carnations.

Valentine’s Day flowers – in new relationships opt for lavender roses and if it is a longer relationship or marriage and she does not love, red roses go for tulips.

Wedding flowers – the bride should choose any flower she loves in her color, and the groom boutonniere should match that of the bride and the same for the bridesmaids. (Read the blog post about “what your wedding bouquet says about you”)